...knack for grounding oversized spaces, adding charm and comfort to them without robbing them of their grandeur, sets this residential designer apart.
— Native Trails

Custom home design is the foundation of Residential Design Studio's background and experience and it is what the staff is doing most of the time. We welcome opportunities to collaborate, assist, or provide complete design services on select projects. If you would like to consider having Residential Design Studio contribute to your project, contact us. Let's explore the possibilities.  Please inquire.

Extraordinary home design is so much more than architecture, theme, color and cohesion; fundamentally it is space planning and function. Residential Design Studio's clients can attest to the joy of living in a well designed home. Space planning is key to home renovation. Whether you are adding square footage, or reworking an outdated or poorly designed space, we can help by providing design assistance up to and including full working plans. Contact us.

This website presents builders, or those planning to build their own home access to RDS's talented design group.  You may already be well into, or through the design process and considering modifications to an existing plan.  For us it's not about the size of the project, so go ahead and compare your ideas with some of ours.  Imagine what can be accomplished working together!  If you see a need for modification of a plan you already possess, Residential Design Studio will be happy to consider taking on the project. Typically the fee for plan modification is approximately $100 per hour of design time. For the peace of mind of our clients, when possible, we prefer to quote at fixed prices for this service. Inquire, and let's discuss what RDS can do to help make your dream home a reality.

...talent (for) seeing a final vision for a project from standing on a raw piece of earth. ...imagination and vision are second to none, ...artistic ability when something besides shop drawings are needed to get a better understanding on precise details is uncanny.
— Mike W.

Do you have a design idea that needs to be illustrated, or can't figure out how to solve a space planning problem? Raw design is at the heart of Residential Design Studio's work.  An initial sketch, from the hands of a gifted designer, gives first life and visual expression of one's ideas and can be the foundation of future design decisions.  Sketches can be provided starting at a flat rate of  $50 for simple designs like a new room layout, curb appeal features for the front of your home, outdoor living space, or even a new fireplace or bar. For the fully developed architectural concepts of many of our clients, we often create three dimensional, physical models or artistic renderings.  Modeling and rendering services, including stunning virtual reality renderings of your project, are also available.  As our workload affords, we gladly take on such projects and would be pleased to consider yours!  Contact us with your request or to present your design dilemma, and let's explore what the design team at Residential Design Studio can do for you.

Residential Design Studio offers tremendous construction and design experience. Site planning, space or layout considerations, construction alternatives, project guidance - whatever the need, RDS can probably be of assistance on a consulting basis. If you are wondering if we have the answer, you should inquire. We would love to help.